Maui Cambra, Honolulu, Hawaii

As a paddler I understand the effect and wear and tear that hours of training and racing has on the body. Joint aches, muscle soreness and fatigue are all common ailments experienced by all ocean sport athletes. BioAstin is the one supplement I’ve found that addresses all these aches while ensuring future support for my body. Its protective properties protect my skin from harsh UV rays. The idea of a single supplement that can help alleviate the “training pains”, help to sustain endurance and mental function as well ensure health for the years to come is amazing. The multi benefits makes me proud to say…. I take BioAstin!

Charles R. Dippel

Dr. Cysewski, after watching your interview with Dr. Mercola on Feb. 7, 2013, I’am more convinced than ever of the power of spirulina and astaxanthin as a global life saver. I’m very sensitive to anything that goes into my body, and the only reaction I get to these two products is that I feel very good! In fact, now at 67 years young, for the first time in my life, I FEEL SATIATED! Thank you for pursuing your interest in spirulina and astaxanthin…A devoted and ardent fan of Cyanotech.

John Wightman, Honolulu, Hawaii

I used to play volleyball twice a week. I could only play after three days of rest. I was too sore to try to play for several days. Then I saw an ad for BioAstin and decided to try it. When I went to brush my teeth the next morning I noticed that my shoulder felt fine. I was able to play the next day for the first time in years. I have been taking BioAstin once a day at a minimum ever since. I swear by this product and guarantee it to all my closest friends and family. My mother cannot swallow pills but is able to bite into the capsules. She says they don’t taste too bad. I am glad she is able to benefit. Thank you for the great product you produce there on the Big Island. My only worry is that there is not enough of this for the whole world. I want to be able to take this every day of my life. Mahalo

Mark Vieceli, Greenwood, South Carolina

I was a collegiate athlete and have had a lot of problems with joint discomfort in my hands for years. In fact, it gets so bad that I’m unable to hold a newspaper for longer than 5 minutes without my hands and fingers getting sore. I started taking Natural Astaxanthin about 5 years ago and since taking Natural Astaxanthin my hands and fingers are 90% better. I started seeing results after the first 2 months. I have tried several different competitive products and within 2 weeks my hands were just as bad as prior to taking Natural Astaxanthin. I will definitely never use anything else! I’m glad I finally found something that works.

Russ Taylor, Cayucos, California

My wife and I recently completed a 9,940 mile trip by motorcycle from California, USA to Quebec, Canada and back. We headed east from California through Nevada and Utah in May, 2005 and the temperatures reached over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We started using Natural Astaxanthin one week prior to departure. I was driving the motorcycle and never had sunburn. My wife Jeanette was behind me and did have sunburn one day in Colorado on her neck, however it tanned and did not peel. I also usually use glucosamine and chondroitin for joint discomfort and found I didn’t need it when using the Natural Astaxanthin. This allowed us to carry 1/3 the number of pills we normally carry on such trips. Thanks for a great product.

Barbara J. Pfeiffer, Portland, Oregon

I first purchased Natural Astaxanthin in July of 2005. I had problems with my right knee for years, in part due to a pronation problem with my right foot. I finally got custom orthotics, which fixed that problem. However, six months after getting the orthotics, my right knee still hurt. It hurt getting up or down, and stairs were agony. I couldn’t even stretch my leg out straight when lying in bed; it always had to be bent. Nothing I did rest, exercise, painkillers helped it heal. Once I received the Natural Astaxanthin, I took 3 gelcaps a day. Within 3 weeks, the pain in my right knee was gone for the first time in years. I’ve continued to take it daily. I have gotten minor injuries in that knee since, and the Natural Astaxanthin helps the knee heal very quickly. Thank you for giving me real mobility back!