Tim Marr

Pro Triathlete

I Take BioAstin because…

it helps with the recovery on my joints, tendons, and overall system. I also take BioAstin because, being a pro triathlete, I am out in the elements for most of the day and BioAstin supports my skin during UV light exposure. BioAstin lessens the effects from the sun which is key living in Hawaii. I also take BioAstin for the overall health benefits with its super powerful antioxidant effect.

What motivates you

I am motivated by so many factors. First off, I use motivation from within myself- I love pushing the body to see where it will take me. I am also a born and bred racer- I love racing which motivates me as well. I also thrive off the fact that I am the only born and raised professional triathlete from Hawaii. I want to represent Hawaii, my family, and myself on the biggest stage.

What’s your favorite workout

My Favorite workout is a long ride with hard efforts followed by a race pace run. When you get off the bike you are dead tired but you find the will to hit the run hard. Its an awesome feeling when you are done, you feel like a machine.

Few things you should know about me

I love coffee, I love surfing on different types of boards (bodyboards, longboards, fun boards, body surfing etc.) I love a few beers with the boys sharing stories or a fun night out. I also love movies and watching them with my wife.