Sarah Tuff Dunn

Runner & Adventurer

I Take BioAstin because…

It balances the bananas, hard-boiled eggs and hot epsom-salt baths that otherwise power my days. Because BioAstin has helped me recover from overtraining. And because I’m too lazy to put on sunscreen.

What motivates you

The thought of getting caught. The creative spark. The highs and the skies. The music, the mountains and the mornings. My kick-ass kids. The people, the places, the paths — and the popcorn.

What’s your favorite workout

Running as fast as I can.

Few things you should know about me

I’ve fallen off a treadmill three times, suffered 11 concussions, and broke my right leg while trail running. On a flat, gravel path.

Anything else

High heels, big cities and long, colorful dinner parties. And storytelling: sarah-tuffdunn