Penn Henderson

Cyclist & Triathlete

I Take BioAstin because…

For me personally, it helps me recover faster from rigorous training & racing, and it aids in the health of my skin amidst Hawaii’s brutal sun.

What motivates you

Mostly, I simply enjoy competition along with the many intricacies of training to get faster. Plus, the ability to continue competing into my 40’s at a high level has been a blast – something I didn’t foresee 10-15 years ago. And now I see guys out there in there 50’s who are just as fast – if not faster! Very inspiring and nice to know I potentially have many more years of racing ahead of me.

What’s your favorite workout

I love riding hills! They never seem to become boring which makes it easier to get out the door and push hard. My favorite is a 4-hour loop in hilly South Kona with about 8,000-ft of climbing consisting of numerous 12-20 minute climbs.

Few things you should know about me

I spent the first 30-years of my life in Colorado with life initially revolving around ski racing as I became one of the top-ranked juniors in the country. Then came the “fork in the road” when I opted to instead pursue the college-route at the University of Colorado at Boulder. A few years later in 2001, I moved to the Big Island and shortly thereafter found my current job as Director of Sales & Marketing for Fair Wind Cruises in Keauhou. My wife (Rani) and I met in 2007 and recently had our first baby (Cole) in 2013.

Anything else

Be smart, take care of your skin, look after your health, take your BioAstin and get checked by a dermatologist.