Lori McCarney

Ironman Triathlete

I take BioAstin because…

to protect my body as I strive to improve my athletic capabilities. I especially like the support it provides to my joints and the extra protection it gives my skin

What motivates you

I love competing, particularly in triathlons. One reason is that I like to push myself to try to get better and I can usually see a direct relationship between my training and my race results. If I train smart to avoid injury, consistently to build endurance, and also eat right, it usually pays off. Of course, there are those times when it’s just not my day and I finish poorly or do not finish, but there’s always something I learn about myself and that I can apply to the next race and even my everyday life. And who doesn’t love the thrill of crossing a finish line?

What’s your favorite workout

Sunday morning run from Hawaii Kai to Makapu’u and back with my running buddies. The course is challenging and beautiful, and the post-run coffees, Jamba’s and great conversation make for a perfect Sunday morning.

Few things you should know about me

Leaving the 9-5 office life is the beginning of new adventures for me. These will likely include more involvement in the local sports scene, providing marketing and business advice to those who want to tap into my decades of business knowledge and continuing community service. I truly believe that the best is yet to come!