Lectie Altman


I Take BioAstin because…

It is a great supplement for a healthy lifestyle. BioAstin aids in recovery after killer swim-bike-run workouts AND it’s made right here in Hawaii!

What motivates you

Seeing how far I can push myself and discovering what I am capable of. I love getting out there and spending time with friends who are also motivated to live a healthy lifestyle and see what their bodies can do!

What’s your favorite workout

I never in a million years thought I would say this, but it’s actually a running workout and for a swimmer to like a running workout…..
It’s probably the hardest, most confidence building workout I’ve ever done. 4-5 descending Lanikai loops…getting faster each time. When you start this workout you think it’s not going to be that difficult, a loop around Lanikai, no big deal… then on the 3rd loop you don’t know how you will be able to push any harder and somehow you find within yourself that ability. Finding that next gear and getting to a point you never thought was possible is so rewarding!

Few things you should know about me

I never ran more than 3 consecutive miles before 2010. I love spicy food. I’ve been a competitive swimmer for over 20 years.