Kengo Yoshimoto


I Take BioAstin because…

I don’t get sunburned since taking BioAstin. I’m too lazy to put on sunscreen, so BioAstin as an internal sunscreen works perfect for me.
It also helps me stay healthy and recover faster which allows me to compete in races every weekend.

What motivates you

I race every weekend to keep the momentum going, and seeing results improve. I’m also motivated by fellow runners.

What’s your favorite workout

Fast paced interval workouts with my training partners.

Few things you should know about me

I’m originally from Osaka, Japan and grew up here in Hawaii. First a skateboarder, now a runner.
I’ve been running the Honolulu Marathon since my sophomore year in high school.
Before I started running regularly back in 2010, the only time I ran in a year was the Honolulu Marathon.
Notable achievements (as of 07/2015):
2014 North Shore Marathon – 1st place
2015 Hilo Marathon – 3rd place
2015 Boston Marathon – survived from nearly freezing to death
2015 HMSA 30K 1st overall
2015 SAM’s 5K 3rd overall
2016 Bosetti 10K 1st overall
2016 Johnny Faerber 10K 3rd overall
2016 Maui Oceanfront Marathon 1st overall
2016 Great Aloha Run 9th open division men
2016 Hilo Marathon 3rd overall men

Anything else

My training philosophy is similar to that of programmer’s coding rule, “never write same code twice.”