Ken Swift


I Take BioAstin because…

of its many different health benefits, primarily recovery and joint support. Breaking requires vigorous & explosive movements which release tons of oxidants though out the body and the wear and tear on the joints create soreness. BioAstin is a great antioxidant and helps speed my recovery time, repair and decrease the soreness. BioAstin also helps my eyes, my skin, my cell repair, mental focus, energy levels, and it’s all around health benefits keep me motivated and committed to taking it.

What motivates you

Music and the freedom of expression through dance motivates me. Music is the main inspiration I use to dance. It allows me to release energy, to express myself and to relieve stress and tension. Music creates the environment for me and it then connects me to the physical part of the dance. Even when I exercise I use music to guide the intensity of my workouts. I’ll put on slower paced classic songs to start and then work up to listening to fast paced breakbeats.

What’s your favorite workout

A combination of stretching, dance and exercise. Usually I’ll dance for 10-15 minutes to get warmed up. Then my stretching includes basic calisthenics and simple yoga postures as well as specific rehab work on flexibility, posture, strengthening, and stability to treat my injuries. I then will do 20-25 minutes on the Elliptical for cardio & strengthening. I will usually do reps of pushups and leg raises and then 10 minutes on the stationary bike. I’ll do some lightweight dumbbell exercises to strengthen my injured shoulder. Then I’ll do a short stretch and use the foam roller to loosen up the lactic acids.

Few things you should know about me

I have been dancing for 35 years and am an early contributor to the history and vocabulary of Hip Hop culture’s Breaking dance from the late 1970’s. I was an original member of the world renowned Rock Steady Crew; the first group of Bboys to receive professional recognition from the media and their peers. I was featured in the first Hip-Hop documentary film “Style Wars” and the first Hip-Hop motion picture “Wild Style” (1983). I was also in the movie “Flashdance” (1983) along with other members of RSC which catapulted the Hip Hop scene into international spotlight. I have received many accolades including five Lifetime Achievement Awards from various organizations. In 2010, I was acknowledged as an “American Master” by the National Endowment for the Arts and received an American Masterpieces in Dance Award. In 2011, I was voted the 2nd Most Influential Dancer of the 20th Century by CNN’s Icon Series, the only B.Boy to receive this honor amongst mostly ballet dancers. Currently I am a Scholar-in-Residence at the Hip Hop Education Center at NYU’s Metropolitan Center for Urban Education and I continue to teach the fundamentals of Breaking worldwide and judge Breaking dance competitions in over 20 countries a year.