Jun Balanga


I Take BioAstin because…

of my long days spent in the ocean, whether it is canoe surfing, SUP, surfing, or sailing my Hawaiian Sailing Canoe – BioAstin helps me maintain my active lifestyle in the sun.

What motivates you

Staying heathy in order to teach our keiki the lessons and knowledge that were taught to me, and that have made me the Waterman that I am today…

What’s your favorite workout

Whatever the ocean offers from canoe surf, diving, swimming, competitive paddling, and surfing just to name a few… You never know what kind of ocean equipment I will be on!

Few things you should know about me

I am the proud owner of Hulakai an original Hawaiian waterman company.

Anything else

I want to thank BioAstin for all they do for the local community, and the continual support that they have given me to help reach my goal of sharing knowledge. Teaching the future generations and passing on what I have learned are very important to me.