Eric Glaus

Ironman Triathlete

I Take BioAstin because…

In the approaching sunset of my competitive athletic years I am looking to sustain power and endurance in my workouts. After doing my own “fact checking” I found BioAstin to have the best scientific research to back up its premium quality products that have allowed me to continue training & racing at top end, day after day year after year. If you’re asking a lot of your physical body it makes sense to feed it quality nutrition, BioAstin is a significant part of that formula to achieving the best of myself. It’s all natural and no crazy chemicals that interfere with normal physiological function.

What motivates you

The ability to do things at 51 that I was just learning at 29.  Friends and competitors motivate & keep me in check.

What’s your favorite workout

Well, just about anything outdoors. I love my long sunrise ocean swim, love my Saturday rides with friends,love getting that power pumped feeling, by pushing a little outside the comfort zone.

Few things you should know about me

6 feet, 178 lbs, Reside in Honolulu, Hawaii. B.S. in exercise sport science, certified ace “advanced exercise and fitness specialist”.  Born in Portland, Oregon.

Any things else

23 time Ironman triathlete, 10 time Kona Ironman qualifier, 25 years training and racing triathlon and endurance runs. Worked as a “deep-sea commercial diver” in the gulf oil fields, (yes, I can weld underwater and blow stuff up), I was a competitive snow skier and Wisconsin state boxing champion.  I started a multi-sport training business ( to help others experience the best they can get of themselves athletically and to “pay it outward.”