Eddie O


I Take BioAstin because…

several years ago for an ankle that became sore. I broke it twice during my college days, and soon after I started taking BioAstin I was running sore free! I also noticed how well BioAstin helped with my overall joint health, quick muscle recovery from hard workouts and a big bonus was skin health!

What motivates you

By elite and pro athletes and enjoy following their accomplishments but I gain more motivation from student athletes. I enjoy cheering them on, advising them and leading by example!

What’s your favorite workout

Running used to be my forte but since entering the world of triathlon cycling is my favorite form of exercise. Cycling really brings out the kid in me! I raced BMX as a child and our bikes were also our main form of transportation. I’m an advocate for making cycling safer!

Few things you should know about me

I am in no way an elite athlete! I stopped using a watch several years ago and now I listen to my body. I don’t race, I participate! I train to finish strong and enjoy the camaraderie and cold beers after race events!

Anything else

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