Dave Scott

Ironman Champion

I Take BioAstin because…

I’m always reading, searching and looking to maximize my optimal levels of nutrition. Additionally, through my coaches clinics, advising athletes and via my social media including my newsletter, I’ve mentioned Astaxanthin as one of the top three supplements to include in their daily “health regiment”. The benefits are easy to explain and I’ve never been questioned on the merits of Astaxanthin. My top noted reasons are:
1. The most potent antioxidant and it crosses the fat, water and retinal cells. Basically it is the powerhouse of antioxidants!
2. Due to the high levels of oxidative stress in athletes via a massive turnover of O2 and CO2 plus exposure to the sun and environmental pollutants – Astaxanthin accelerates recovery.
3. Astaxanthin; due to its tissue permeability enhances “aerobic plumbing”. It’s a vasodilator, which positively affects blood flow, capillary function and maximizes the engine of the cell – the mitochondria.
4. The aging population not just athletes should take Astaxanthin because it affects the neurotransmitters of the brain, specifically serotonin and tryptophan. I take it so I don’t go crazy and keep my mental harmony!

Favorite quote…

Do what you can do at the moment!