Dan Gampon


I Take BioAstin because…

Hawaiian Astaxanthin helps me recover well and be able to bounce back every day to get back on the grind. Working and training in the hot sun every day, it helps to keep my skin healthy.

What motivates you

My pillars around me: the people who have my back, and Jesus Christ.

What’s your favorite workout

Swimming, biking, and running in long duration because it puts me in another state of mind.

Few things you should know about me

I first got into the sport of triathlon at the age of 17 when I was in high school. At the age of 18, I competed at the Ironman World Championships in Kona after completing my first half Ironman just 5 months before. Since then, my love of the sport has grown and I look forward to the rest of my triathlon career.

Anything else

Just a small town boy who is on the grind and hungry for more.

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