Agnes vs Eddie: Who will cross the finish line first?

Team BioAstin’s Agnes Prehn and Eddie O, who will be competing at Lavaman Waikoloa April 10th, wagered $100 on who will finish with a faster time. The Big Island community wants to get involved and place bets on who will win so Agnes & Eddie decided to turn their rivalry into a fundraiser! If Agnes wins, donations or bets on her will go towards Lavakids and if Eddie wins donations will go to Sunrise Athletics! You can place your bets at all Big Island Running Company locations!

by Rani Henderson West Hawaii Today Columnist
The “smack talk” has long begun and it turned quite ugly at Saturdays’ Sweetheart Shuffle 10K relay and 5K solo races.

“Eddie doesn’t stand a chance and he knows it,” said Agnes Prehn, Director of Sales for Nutrex Hawaii. “He talks more than he trains – I got this one.”

“It’s heartbreaking knowing that I’m going to beat an old lady but I’m doing it for the kids,” Edgar Ombac fired back. “I did IRONMAN last year and she’s definitely intimidated by that.”

What began as a friendly bet over dinner between Prehn and Ombac of who will beat the other at the upcoming Lavaman Waikoloa Olympic Distance Triathlon has now exploded into a social media craze geared up for a showdown happening on April 10th.

“It started off with Agnes bragging on how well she was going to do and how badly she was going to beat me,” said Ombac, who is more popularly known as Eddie-O. “So we made a friendly bet of a $100 and posted it on social media. We started noticing a lot of interest on social media that gave us the idea that maybe we can turn it into a fun fundraiser, have people place their bets on Agnes or myself, and have it raise funds for a good cause. It spread like wildfire.”

And with it, the bantering began…click here to continue reading.

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